Studio fe // is a brand of unique designs in metal – partitions, tables, or art are just a small part of the brand’s collection. The furniture is elegantly designed with a touch humor; imagination and creativity. Designer Mikki Mann succeeds in branding metal as a new raw material. You are welcome to browse through the website and of course to visit the showroom, in Tel Aviv.

Mikki Mann //  38, lives in Tel Aviv; founder and owner of the fe brand. Mann is an Architect (University of Tel Aviv) and Urbanist (M.A. TUDelft). Mann created metallic projects with some of the leading architects in the Israel. Among others, she designed Lace walls, huge doors, wall paneling with lighting, large bookstands, green walls at the Tel Aviv Museum of Contemporary Art, the Lexus Showroom, the ceiling at the Mendele Streel Hotel, and a staircase at the Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv.

Dialogue in Metal // Between Art and Design. Mikki Mann takes you on a tour through her own private research lab which stands behind the fe brand. She unravels and re-weaves in metal as if it were textile. Sensitively and gently she captures iconic images and rewrites them into the matter, fusing them into a single element. In her work she touches upon architectural subjects which are inseparable from her experience as a designer; captures light in material and enjoys playing with scale and space-object-viewer relations.

Motto – is to design the obvious anew; to change the trivial to conceptual; to create colorful backgrounds (walls and objects). She wants us to desire, to use our imagination, to daydream; to feel the magic…

fe ++  symbol for the element Ferrum (iron).