bee. foldable shelving unit Talentlab shelving unit metal grey
TalentLAB is a platform for young designers to sell their designs all over Europe, by – the British Furniture company. Bee was chosen to be included in the Zen collection of 2019. The collection was provided to the worldwide customer audience of, followed by a long RND proccess. Bee has many definitions. It can be used as decor, as a screen, a book holder or a plant display. The product smart engineering allows easy shipment and customer assembly. Talentlab shelving unit metal grey
יחידת המדפים bee עוצבה במסגרת תחרות העיצוב השנתית TALENT LAB של חברת הריהוט הבריטית; המשמשת כחממה למעצבים צעירים. bee זכתבה בתחרות בשנת 2019, ונכללה בקולקציית קפסולה, שיצאה תחת הכותרת ZEN. Talentlab shelving unit metal grey